Children are encouraged to develop their skills across a wide range of areas – both academic and social. Over the two years of the EYFS, our Nursery and Reception

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Primary School

Our Primary School Curriculum is based on the National Curriculum for England and Wales but offers features of enhancement such as specialist lessons in languages and

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Secondary School

students pursue a range of subjects in which they will improve their academic, creative, social, interpersonal and sporting skills. In each subject courses are structured

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Welcome to Straits International School

Non Mihi, Non Tibi, Sed Nobis
Not For Me, Not For You, But For Us
不是为我, 不是为你, 而是为我们
Bukan Untuk Ku, Bukan Untukmu, Tetapi Untuk Kita

The motto of the school reflects the mission of our education, which is to develop in our students a sense of community spirit that enables them to become compassionate, well balanced citizens.


Why Choose SIS?

Our aim is to provide and encourage all children to learn and develop independently, facilitating their personal growth, and instilling in each of them a life long passion for learning.

Project Based Learning
Projects are carefully planned by teachers and students, taking into consideration a model that begins with the end in mind, creating a driving question, planning, mapping and reflecting upon the experience.
English as an Additional Language
EAL support is offered based upon the Cambridge ESOL curriculum. For those students with further requirements, SIS may also provide an intensive development programme.
The use of ICT makes teaching and learning processes easier, fun and creative. At the same time, it creates efficiency in every aspect of school administration.
Teaching and Learning
Learning is student oriented, based around lesson plans that concentrate upon the discovery, application and discussion of knowledge. Learning also focuses upon the development of skills as much as the knowledge of content.

The Straits Seven

“I think being collaborative means working together to achieve something.”
By Patrick Grayhurst – Student
“Being caring is showing concern for others.”
By Nelson Yeoh – Student
“Creativity means thinking outside of the box and creating ideas that are interesting and original.”
By Daphne Yap – Student
“Being proactive means contributing and participating in as much as possible.”
By Leeroy Ong – Student
“Being proactive means contributing and participating in as much as possible.”
By Leeroy Ong – Student
“Being compassionate means empathising with the feelings of others and often putting their needs above your own.”
By Ms Emily Cosnett – Head of Languages
“Independence is trying to solve a problem by ourselves first.”
By Ms Karlie Walsh – Head of Primary


Applications are welcome throughout the year and there are no set dates for entrance assessment tests.

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